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Providing a fresh new approach on Indianaís Capitol Hill

Lay aside any personal and political agenda. At the Indiana National Day of Prayer, thatís our commitment. Instead of asking for favors or taking sides in the partisan debate, we serve members of the State Congress and the hundreds of staff who work there.

And because we choose to follow Christís example and take up the basin and towel, doors open, allowing us to promote and encourage Christian statesmanship through three vital areas of outreach:

Spiritual Outreach

A central goal of ours is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to leaders in our stateís capital. Our staff seeks to serve all who have genuine questions about biblical truth or desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. And because we are a nonpartisan ministry outreach, the message of the Gospel can be heard with clarity.

Ministry Training

Another key goal of the Indiana National Day of Prayer is to equip our stateís leaders for ministry and service. We offer todayís statesmen a unique ministry resource that enhances their service to our Lord and our nation. And through discipleship training, we help leaders become more effective in sharing their faith in the public arena.

Restoring a Vision

The third component of the Indiana National Day of Prayer is to help reestablish the principles and practices of Christian statesmanship so prevalent at the birth of our nation. Our Founding Fathers firmly believed that God alone secured the blessings of liberty, but leaders today wonder if they can even acknowledge God without violating the Constitution.

By encouraging the essential link between personal faith and public life, we are calling on our leaders to embrace Americaís heritage of Christian statesmanship and rebuild our nationís foundation for liberty.

Offering practical tools for todayís statesman

How should a Christian Statesman act? In what ways can a member of the Indiana State Congress apply personal faith to public policy? How can a Christian in public service be an effective witness for Christ? To help make Christian statesmanship practical for our stateís leaders, we offer a variety of resources:

What is the Freedom 5 Prayer Initiative?

"Click on Graphic for Freedom 5 Prayer Initiative"

Statehouse Bible Study
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 12:10-12:50 p.m.
Statehouse Chapel fourth floor room 432

Any overflow will go to the adjoining Senate Finance Committee Room 431
                                                       Chapel Service
Thursdays 12:10-12:35 p.m.
Statehouse Chapel fourth floor room 432


Jesus & Leader
Statehouse Bible Studies and Events

The heart of Indiana National Day of Prayerís outreach is a series of Bible studies, conveniently held at the Statehouse, offering sound biblical teaching and encouragement. These studies are augmented by a series of special events like our Polity & Principle luncheons. These luncheons feature leading members of the State Congress and public figures who share how a statesmanís private faith impacts public service. Other smaller events offer candid discussions about personal faith in Christ and the spiritual struggles indigenous to our State Capitol.

Indiana National Day of Prayerís Christian Statesman Award

Each year the Indiana National Day of Prayer hosts a reception to recognize one outstanding individual as a Distinguished Christian Statesman. With members of Congress and local media in attendance, the event elevates the ideals of Christian statesmanship.

Personal Ministry

The Indiana National Day of Prayer offers personal and confidential ministry to all seeking to know Christ or strengthen their faith. This vital outreach is supported by hundreds of praying Christians across the Indiana who receive our monthly Statehouse Prayer Bulletin and are committed to interceding for the needs on Indiana's Capitol Hill.

Statehouse Publications

Challenging todayís Indiana statesman to lead a life of faith, our publications redirect oneís focus to spiritual matters. Many in Indianaís Congress are finding fresh inspiration for their service through publications like The 60 Second Focus, a weekly devotional. Other publications practically address the real-life issues that impact life at the Statehouseóeven those sticky moral situations.

Evangelism Workshops

The Indiana National Day of Prayer offers Evangelism Explosion workshops to equip Christians in public service with the practical tools needed to share their faith. Based on an Evangelism Explosion program that has reached every nation of the world, the Indiana National Day of Prayerís E.E. workshops help bring the Gospel to the Statehouse. We are here to serve.

Today's Statehouse

A new call is going forth. It is a call to serve that invites us to embrace Godís providential purpose for this nation, as well as His plan for each of our lives. At the Indiana National Day of Prayer we are helping fulfill this call through a ministry of service to our Stateís leaders that is changing lives.

Click on The Flag For local Prayer Events

"Click on Flag for Local Prayer Events"

Polity & Principle Luncheon -
during the short Fall Session. Proceeds benefit the Indiana National Day of Prayer.

Aglow International
Prayer for the State

First Wednesday of the month 1-3 P.M.
Statehouse Chapel fourth floor room 432


Planned Giving is one of the most important ways supporters of Indiana National Day of Prayer can help us accomplish our mission. Planned Giving is simply using estate planning methods to make a charitable gift that maximizes the tax and estate benefits to you and your family, and also greatly enhances the work of Indiana National Day of Prayer.

Our Staff can arrange administration of gift annuities, endowment funds and gifts of insurance policies and marketable securities.

The specific approach to a planned gift depends on your particular circumstances and goals. But the central theme is the same: making a deliberate and careful choice about the resources you have built up during a lifetime of work, careful management and good stewardship.

Options include...


In its simplest form, estate planning enables you to look after the needs of your own family when you die. A Will is the most commonly used vehicle.

Gift Annuities

With an Annuity, you will receive a fixed income for as long as you live. You enjoy a great rate of return and financial stability during your lifetime, and when you pass on, the remaining principal of the gift annuity goes towards the ministries of the Indiana National Day of Prayer .

Gifts of Life Insurance

An insurance policy can be used to make a donation now instead of waiting to make a bequest in your Will. And the premiums are tax-deductible.

Investment Gifts

Whether you give property or securities, the donation of investments has a tremendous effect on our current ministry. And you can enjoy some substantial tax benefits.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is an arrangement under which you deed property to the Indiana National Day of Prayer, but you retain the use of it for life, or a set number of years.

Endowment Funds

An endowment is a way for you to take an ongoing financial responsibility for some specific aspect of the work of National Day of Prayer. Your gift is invested and the income is used for the purposes spelled out in the endowment.

Living Trusts

The living trust ensures that you control your assets, while providing for your loved ones and those to whom you want to leave a bequest.

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