"Build up, build up, prepare the road!
Remove the obstacles out of the
way of my people" Isaiah 57:14

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Tom Walker

Rev. Tom Walker - Director/President

Founder of The Governors Prayer Team. Former Director of Ground Forces for the 2005 Global Day of Prayer, US. Founder and Chairman, Indiana National Day of Prayer. Former Director of Projects, America's Prayer Team.

A graduate of EIT in 1987, Tom first became involved in ministry in Dramatic Arts and Media. His commitment to education in the sciences and youth was seen in his work as a FIRST Robotics Competition Leader and Mentor. He worked professionally for GE and International Paper as a Senior Project Engineer and let his voice and his commitment to technology be heard through his involvement in TAPPI and training in Six Sigma.

Tom's involvement in ministry and prayer deepened as he accepted an appointment as Pennsylvania 's Regional Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Task Force. As the market toughened for International Paper's Fine Papers Division they closed and Tom accepted a new position in Indiana which consumed much of his free time. While in prayer he asked God "Why did you bring me here Lord, surly there is a purpose for me, a purpose other than being an Engineer?"

The Lord seemed to have answered Tom almost immediately when latter that day he was downsized. He looked at this as confirmation and hasn't looked back since. Within days he was appointed successor for the National Day of Prayer Task Force 's Indiana State Coordinator. Tom founded and now chairs the Indiana National Day of Prayer Inc. which reaches out and ministers to the leaders of Indiana and particularly the Indiana Legislature. Later Tom was brought on board by Mr. David Butts and Dr. Cornell Haan as Director of Projects for America 's Prayer Team. After a slow start up Tom was released to work on other local projects (development of the Governors Prayer Team in Indiana) and continue his work of developing bible studies for the leaders at the States Capital and in Washington DC.

This is when the dream of fulfilling Gods vision for a unique new ministry tool was realized. Tom shared the lessons that God allowed him to experience while starting his ministry during an unexpected phone call with David Jahnke. The conversation was quickly realized to be a divine appointment. Tom spoke of simple needs like a means of fostering an online community of intercessors and supporters for his ministry, website, repeatable online donation encouragement with 501 C3 receipting. A relationship and ministry where both born on that day.

Tom has been a guest on dozens of radio shows, local, regional and Global TV shows like Lesea 's "The Harvest Show". He has been captured in print by a number of Christian and secular news and business papers and periodicals. Tom claims "this was all done to promote the causes that God had held my feet to the fire on", "God has challenged this shy and introverted broken clay pot of a man to communicate to the world His passion to commune with His children in prayer and to encourage them to drop their nets at the shore... and follow Him".

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